Adventure Travel in Africa: From the Serengeti to Cape Town.


For centuries, Africa has enthralled and mystified travelers. Whether you're exploring the desert plains in the north along the equator or the jungles of the mountainous regions surrounding Lake Victoria, adventure travel in Africa has something for everyone to enjoy. This incredibly diverse continent is now home to many opportunities for a wide range of outdoor sports and exciting adventure activities. Those who sign on for adventure travel in Africa will get the chance to experience some of the continent's most beautiful regions and best environments, while simultaneously being able to discover the myriad cultures of Africa and the people behind them.


Adventure travel in Africa can involve many things, but one of the most popular modes of exploring the different terrains is by hiking. Hiking is the best way to enjoy Africa because being on foot allows you lots of time to explore on your own, as well as a chance to meet people and mingle in the different towns and tribal areas you visit. There are all kinds of hiking available, from hiking in the mountain jungles of Rwanda, to hiking safaris on national parks in Kenya where incredible wildlife roam. The most important part of adventure travel in Africa is just taking it all in, so sightseeing is a big part of it. Safaris can show you elephants, rhinoceros, and even lions roaming the vast plains.

Mountain biking is another great way to explore what adventure travel in Africa can offer as it can be a faster way to travel than hiking, so you can cover more ground. As with hiking, combining a cross country mountain biking expedition with camping can create an Africa adventure travel experience to last a lifetime. Mountain biking in Africa will also test your strength and challenge you physically, as pedaling across dry, hot plains all day can wear you down. There are also opportunities for downhill mountain biking in mountainous areas, such as the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the mountains near the central part of the country surrounding Lake Victoria, including in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Mountain biking treks can be performed in just about any area of Africa you want to see!

Adventure travel in Africa is also famous for providing great chances for rock climbing, as South Africa and Morocco offer some of the best rock formations and cliffs in the world in the eyes of many climbers. South Africa is a worldwide rock climbing mecca, as some of the sandstone boulders and dusty, cliff-lined valleys offer incredible chances for technical climbs that will challenge climbers of all ability.

Paragliding has also found a home in Africa, especially in the Kilimanjaro region and other areas where the plains meet ridges and the foothills of mountains. The winds sweeping off the plains and up over the ridges and natural obstructions create the perfect updrafts for fans of paragliding to use to take flight, and then to glide over the vast plains for incredibly long amounts of time!

The oceans of Africa also offer a great chance for adventure travel in Africa, as sports fishing is a huge draw for many travelers. South Africa, Kenya and other countries situated on the oceans have all kinds of charters that will take you out to hunt some of the best big-game fish around. Fishing in Kenya has grown very big, as many charters operate that take travelers out to fins sailfish, marlin and other of the world's most sought-after game fish!

Surfing is another popular Africa adventure travel activity, as South Africa offers great, world class waves and pristine sandy beaches that attract surfing fans from all over the world. The turbulent winds and currents around the Cape of Good Hope and southern beaches make for some incredible chances for big-wave surfing, but also many areas for beginners to learn surfing as well. Rafting is huge in South Africa as well, since the many rivers and rapids are perfect for this thrilling adventure sport.

No matter what you choose to do during your experience with adventure travel in Africa, you'll be able to discover a continent that is largely unsettled, undeveloped and truly gorgeous. Anyone will take away incredible memories from Africa adventure travel experiences filled with rich culture and incredible thrills to last a lifetime.

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